About The Owner


I am Sheila, and I am no stranger to entrepreneurship. I began my journey long before Selective Selections By She. It started when as young girl watching my mom (an entrepreneur) and admiring her. Watching my mom's drive and passion for success influenced my direction in business.

My first entrepreneurial moment was in high school selling candy.  I later worked as an associate sales rep for AdvoCare, Dove Chocolates, and a host of other network marketing ventures. I transitioned from those avenues because I lacked passion for it.

My journey of starting Selective Selections By She began with the love of candles. The thought of the business started at the beginning of the pandemic because I  became intrigued by all ingredients that went into candles. I started researching the elements in the candles I purchased and loved. I wasn't pleased with my findings, so I bought a candle-making kit and fell in love. It was so therapeutic. The art, the creation, and the fragrances..  At that moment, Selective Selections By She was born. My love, my passion, and my heart.