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Candle Container Recycle Program

Candle Container Recycle Program

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Introducing the Candle Container Recycle Program - your chance to turn old candles into eco-friendly treasures! Say goodbye to waste and hello to sustainability with our innovative program. Transform your used candle containers into stylish new pieces for your home while reducing your carbon footprint. Join us in creating a greener, brighter future, one candle at a time!

We ONLY recycle the vessels we have provided. Our provided vessels are our original clear Libbey (glass), black Libbey (glass), and black matte tin vessels are available to be recycled. We will only recycle in increments of 5. Each vessel will be recycled for $3 each (with or without lid - and vessels will be returned as received with or without lid). 

If interested or have questions, please contact us at .

**If we receive vessels that are not listed above, you will be returned your vessels minus shipping fees. **

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